Video tutorial: Three environmental due diligence products to consider

Welcome to the second in a series of brief tutorials on environmental due diligence.

During the first tutorial, we talked about how using preexisting environmental documents is a good starting point in your quest for appropriate environmental due diligence. But what if previous reports aren’t available and you need to start from scratch?

Here’s a brief overview of three environmental due diligence products to consider, and how to make the best choice for your individual deal.

NOTE: If the video is blocked by an internet firewall, you can download the video transcript.

Environmental Due Diligence tutorial series

This past summer, we asked our clients to tell us about the environmental issues and concerns that are most affecting their real estate transactions. Inspired by your responses, we are producing a series of brief tutorials to help illuminate some of these issues — from a general overview on how to get started, to more specific discussions on reports, contamination and the nuances associated with different property types. Watch this space for more tutorials.