Why Choose PVC?

Choose PVC because we will …..

  • help you quickly determine what level of due diligence is most appropriate for your deal.
  • ask upfront questions more traditional environmental consultants might not in order to better understand the nuances of the transaction and your risk tolerance.
  • provide clear and concise findings and recommendations.
  • respond to you quickly, as has been our hallmark for over 20 years.

Client Testimonials

Want to hear more about the PVC difference? Listen to what our clients are saying:

“Peter performed an environmental review on a complex environmental report for a large commercial loan I am working on. He was very responsive and his report exceeded my expectations.”

Mike Mahlert, Senior VP, Hometown Bank


“Peter consistently provides high quality environmental advice and consulting, combining strong ethics in the environmental area with a pragmatic approach to costreasonable solutions and approaches. At PVC, as well as in his prior positions, Peter could consistently be counted on for solutions that will be acceptable to both regulators and businesses / developers. He is also an outstanding individual to work with and will consistently win you kudos from outside evaluators of his work. If you are a business owner or developer facing an environmental challenge, you cannot get better advice from any other resource or advice that carries so much credibility within the environmental community.”

Andrew Howarth, Director of Development & Finance, Worcester Community Housing Resources


“Peter is a highly focused customer service individual who always performs over and above. I would highly recommend him!” 

Ken Ryvicker, Vice President, Rockland Trust Company


“Peter is a true professional. My clients and I have enjoyed working with him for the past 13 years. My clients often hired Peter for his consulting expertise after the project was complete for other needs which reflects the high level of service he provided. Peter is always there to help explain situations to people with all different levels of understanding and made him self available at the clients needs. I highly recommend Peter and am pleased when I have the opportunity to work with him.” 

Scott Vickery, Vice President, Business Banking Relationship Manager at Sovereign Bank


“Peter always delivered quality service for our company and we would recommend him highly.” 

Dennis Coy, Owner, Capital & Financial Centre


“I have worked with Peter for the past 15 years over 3 different companies I have worked for. His knowledge of the industry is tremendous and Peter is the type of person who will roll up his sleeves to really determine risk and then protect his client accordingly.” 

Matt Collins, Vice President, Granite State Development Corp